Ubisoft Toronto Opens New Performance Capture Studio

It’s a move that will place Toronto high among the cities known for producing video games. Acclaimed game publisher and developer Ubisoft has opened a cutting-edge Performance Capture Studio as part of their Toronto development studio. The video report above is one I shot for Studio 12 News and it covers the main points like...
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Social Reading With eBooks

Now that all the big makers of eBook Readers have features that connect to Facebook and Twitter, how do they compare and what are their different approaches? For this week’s Gearing Up on Studio 12 News I take a look at each, including Sony’s latest, the PRS-T2 Reader.

Follow Curiosity On Mars From Your Computer Here On Earth

For this week’s Gearing Up on Studio 12 News I showcase a number of ways you can follow the Curiosity Mars Science Laboratory online and get involved as it continues its mission, making new discoveries. Links from this clip: NASA Television ustream.tv/nasahdtv Jet Propulsion Laboratory mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl Eyes on the Solar System eyes.nasa.gov Spacecraft 3D iPhone/iPad...
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