With a Stay-At-Home order in effect during this pandemic, I’m offering up the audiobook of Wild Curiosity, my collection of true life stories about wild animal encounters to help keep you entertained and sane. I’m starting with the introduction and first chapter and will be adding more chapters as the days pass by. Have you ever had a “moment” with a wild animal? You can share it or send feedback to krisabel at gmail dot com.

Wild Curiosity: Introduction
Wild Curiosity Chapter One: Unexpected Undertakers
Wild Curiosity Chapter Two: Here Be Dragons
Wild Curiosity Chapter Three: Swoop To The Head
Wild Curiosity Chapter Four: Kyo And Friend
Wild Curiosity Chapter Five: Baby Bandits
Wild Curiosity Chapter Six: Big Cats And Little Cats
Wild Curiosity Chapter Seven: Sigourney Orbweaver
Wild Curiosity Chapter Eight: Part Of The Family
Wild Curiosity Chapter Nine: Hi Tonka
Wild Curiosity Chapter Ten: Mimicry
Wild Curiosity Chapter Eleven: Sideshow
Wild Curiosity Chapter Twelve: Fear
Wild Curiosity: Epilogue

Book Report Questions:

Thank-you dear listener for joining me in Wild Curiosity. For fun I’d like to offer some post-listening questions, a friendly nod to the book report sections some books offer. If you have answers, feel free to send them to krisabel at gmail dot com or share them with me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Has a wild animal ever followed you? Led you somewhere? Spied on you? Played with you? Showed you how to get home? Stolen from you? Ask you for help? Left you a present?

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