This week on Global News Morning I share a collection of Coronavirus-themed software and websites so you can help make a difference. Plus, I review HP’s new Elite Dragonfly notebook computer which includes a great recycling story.

The first consideration in buying any computer is that it’s the right tool for the work you do, that it has the right chipsets, best screen size, and keyboard to help you work comfortably. Colour, style, whether it lights up, etc. are criteria that should always be an afterthought or you’ll end up buying a machine that’s a compromise. That’s been the rule for decades.

The HP Elite Dragonfly has the right chipsets for business travel. It’s powerful enough to handle multitasking workflows or to crunch quickly through compressing media files, even without the graphics power to be a gaming system. The keyboard is comfortable and it’s nice to have a widescreen, 13” display to work from.

So the extras, and there are many extras, come without compromise, which is why I decided to take it on our show. Enough years have passed that all of the novel innovations now work well really well. They have reached the point of engineering polish to be practical.

Yes, the screen flips around for viewing and tablet modes, but on well-engineered hinges that are protected from damage and strong enough to hold the screen at any angle. In tablet mode the screen switches to a touchscreen without fuss and is easily used with fingers, no stylus needed. The widescreen display coupled with Bang & Olufsen speakers means it does live up to being a comfortable movie player in viewing mode.

Yes, the notebook contains 82% recycled materials, but the casing is durable, comfortable and stylish. There’s no sense of weakness or loose fitting among the parts.

Yes, the notebook is very thin and weighs just under a kilogram, but the battery fitted into that tight space still lasts a full workday and room was found for HDMI and USB ports, two USB-C ports with Thunderbolt, and a headphone jack. There’s even a SIM card slot with support for 5G.

Get this, the webcam has a mechanical shutter to block it off when not in use, so no need to put a piece of tape over it for privacy concerns.

This all adds up to a business notebook computer that lives up to the promise made by all of its bells & whistles. There’s much to take pleasure from and all of it is practical.

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