Scanning Sculptures With Art Gallery of Ontario’s Lisa Ellis

Lisa Ellis, conservator at the Art Gallery of Ontario, joins us to share her international investigation into the Boxwood micro-sculptures. Crafted 500 years ago, little is known about who made the astonishingly detailed wooden items that often bear a religious theme, and Lisa is working with NASA, the MET, the Rijksmuseum, and other institutions to use X-rays, Micro-CT Scanners, and other technologies to unlock the mystery in time for an exhibition that will debut in Toronto Nov. 5th and then travel to New York and Amsterdam.

We also look at the Nebula science fiction and fantasy literary awards and the women who swept all the major categories this year.…nners-announced-3/

You can read Alyssa Wong’s winning short story online at…ng-mothers/

And speaking of art and tech, I share my experience with virtual reality art software Tilt Brush

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