Metro Reviews: Mad Max, Make Me, Dazzle It

Here’s my Metro News reviews for the week of Sept 14th

Mad Max
Xbox One/PS4/PC
Rated: Mature 17+

A bomb-sniffing dog and a harpoon-wielding mechanic are the highlights of this wasteland excursion where knuckle fights and reckless car battles keep the action surprisingly sane. There’s no revenge, no abuse of innocents to prevent, it’s just Max trying to tip the balance between camps of road warriors and the screaming maniacs out to kill them all.

Compared to the movies it can seem quite pedestrian. You drive, you fight, you scavenge, saving up for upgrades in cars, clothes, and brawling moves. You clear one territory only to move on to the next and then the next and the next. The bleached deserts can be boring to look at and it can feel like you’re just killing time rather than the madness of the world.

There’s one inspired touch: War Criers, musicians suspended on cables, drum and flail and taunt like crazy until its clear their side is losing and then they cry, simper and plead comically. It’s as close as the game gets to the madness of the films. I only wish there was more.


Make Me
By Lee Childs

Jack Reacher’s latest outing spends half the book unwinding a slow, investigative fuse before igniting the darkest of small town conspiracies. Patient fans will find that the drawn-out tension opens up an unexpected romance while spending more time amongst Jack’s thoughts.


Tep Motivational Tracker

Tracking your workouts helps you feed and care for an adorable giraffe, offering both virtual rewards and motivation to stay active. It’s designed for running, cycling, and walking. It includes a voice coach and yes, the giraffe dies if you stop.


Cyril Lignac MesDesserts

Through slow-motion video, secrets of Parisian desserts such as Eclairs, Fraisiers, and Macarons are revealed as step-by-step recipes guided by ingredient lists and timers. Visually, it’s a captivating collection.


Dazzle It

Pop artist Sir Peter Blake lends his iconic work so you can “dazzle” your own photos for new eye-catching creations. To honor his role camouflaging ships during WWI, you can use your art to decorate virtual ships and rubber duckies.


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