Metro Reviews: Insidious Oculus Rift, Seveneves,

Here’s my Metro News reviews for the week of May 25th

By Neal Stephenson

When the Moon mysteriously implodes it triggers a race to save humanity by expanding the International Space Station into an emergency off-world retreat. This is a well-researched, hard science-fiction adventure by Stephenson (Snowcrash) made entertaining by an engaging team of one-way-trip astronauts lead by a Neil Degrasse-Tyson-inspired astrophysicist.


Insidious Chapter 3: Into The Further
Oculus Rift

Better than any 3D movie, Oculus Rift headsets now offer an immersive ghost story at Cineplex ScotiaBank theatres. The head-tracking technology transports you convincingly into a room with Insidious’ Elise Rainier where spirits skulk, whisper, and toss objects at your head. It’s real enough to make you duck and scream.



Explore the outdoors with this GPS guide to trails in your area. It includes topographic maps, user reviews, and can track your activity runs while tagging photos to share online or keep in a journal. Pay extra and you can save the maps offline too.


Ella’s Kitchen First Foods

This recipe book for first-time parents goes beyond basic nutrition to focus on the importance of first tastes and textures while packaging useful shopping lists and timers into a baby-friendly book loaded with pictures, nursery rhymes, and sing-alongs. It’s as useful as it is playful.


How Old?

Inspired by Microsoft’s popular age-guessing website, this mobile app offers the same hit-or-miss technology to identify your mobile pictures. The results added to your pics can often be hilarious and the app makes it easier to share them with friends.


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