Metro Reviews: Window On Eternity, Cook’s Illustrated, Kirby Triple Deluxe,

Here’s my Metro Canada News reviews for the week of April 28th.

A Window On Eternity
By E. O. Wilson
Four Stars
Amongst grandfatherly story-tellers, Wilson is superb. The esteemed biologist captures the grand story of Mozambique’s National Park, a place tied to humanity’s origins and now recovering from Civil War destruction, before whispering details of its smallest species with a twinkle in his eye. Interactive pages help visualize his journey with maps, creature photography, and a 40-minute movie called “The Guide”.


The North Face Explorer
A simple GPS tracker to map your runs, hikes, and climbs, Explorer offers fun badges, a digital voice guide, and the option to use geo-tagged photos to record your journey.


Cook’s Illustrated All-Time Best Recipes
Representing twenty years of kitchen-tested dishes that use supermarket ingredients, this collection of 52 illustrated and video-enhanced recipes offers the final word on pork chops, oven fries, and buttermilk pancakes.


The Talks
Combining audio with text, The Talks is a weekly interview series with “the most creative voices of our times” such as Bill Murray, Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake, and Christopher Walken.




Kirby Triple Deluxe
Nintendo 3DS/2DS
Rated: Everyone
5 Stars
Kirby can inhale things, a power so great at times that he uproots trees, strips the landscape from the skies, and extracts panicked monsters from their homes. The weight and terror can be shockingly wonderful. This is Nintendo animation at its finest, a gorgeous game brilliantly presented in 3D where a hall of mirrors plays against both the leaping foreground and the deep backgrounds brilliantly. From cowboys to ninjas, Kirby takes on many roles, but his fire-juggling circus persona, which uses balloons animals as weapons, is especially inspired.


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