Metro Reviews – Boston Marathon, Rain Shadow Love Recipes, Outlast

Here’s my Metro Reviews for the week of Feb. 10th

Rain Shadow

By Rebecca Hansen Carrer


Four And A Half Stars

The prospect of undiscovered wealth drove men to shameful acts of subterfuge and violence in the late 1800’s acquisition of water rights for Los Angeles. This well-researched, fictionalized account follows a young girl as she grows up through the corruption. Zoomable maps, a music score, and pop-up history notes enhance a story that feels like Chinatown as told by Harper Lee.



Boston Marathon World Run



You can join the Boston Marathon no matter where you are by sharing your personal runs and pledges while following stories from global ambassadors as they prepare for April’s race.



The Spoon Love Volume: I’m Yours, You’re Mine



An enchanting mix of music, stories, distractions, and recipes, this magazine-styled cookbook mixes Edith Piaf with spaghetti and scampi, bacon-wrapped steak, and raspberry cakelets. It’s a small, but enticing selection.



The Love Book



Emma Watson, Helena Bonham Carter and Tom Hiddleston are among the actors reading aloud love poems and quotes from famous authors and popular movies in this social media-friendly anthology.




PC/PlayStation 4

Rated: Mature 17+

4 and a Half Stars

There’s no way to protect yourself in this nightmare. No gun, no fists. When the deranged inmates of Mount Massive Asylum find you in the gloom….and they will…you can only run and hide. That you can glance behind and see them at your heels is a nice touch, along with fancy Parkour-skills to leap beyond their grasp, but somehow it always comes down to peeking out of a flimsy, claustrophobic cabinet, cradling a nightvision camcorder, and hoping the violent, sometimes disturbingly sexual horrors, will simply go away. Terrifyingly clever.


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