Metro Reviews: Saving Mr. Banks, Legend of Zelda, The Walk

Here’s my Metro reviews for the week of December 16th.


Saving Mr. Banks: The Official Multi-Touch Book

By Tyler Christian & Hilary Hattenbach

iBooks for iPad/Mac

Three And A Half Stars

Yes, it’s a promotional pamphlet with profiles on Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson, but done with the added care of an expensive coffee table book. The surprising focus is on the film’s inspiration, Mary Poppins, with original artwork and sheet music, audio of P.T. Travers in meetings, archival footage, and early song recordings. These are the treasures you’ll cherish.



The Walk



Every step counts in this incredible pedometer game where you must keep a mysterious package out of the hands of terrorists by walking through an episodic, 500 mile audio fitness adventure.






Holiday meals can be tricky with guests who have allergies or special needs. This handy reference will help you pick out replacement ingredients without changing recipes or abandoning family traditions.






Santa won’t come unless kids are asleep, but you can record video proof for them using this Make-A-Wish Canada app that captures the jolly man making preparations within your home.



The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Nintendo 3DS

Rated: Everyone

Four And a Half Stars

The glasses-free 3D in this latest Zelda adventure is so incredibly convincing, it’s as if there is no screen at all and you’re playing a game inside a box, where the pieces can fall deeper inside or fly out past the lid to swipe at your nose. Even the sound seems to carry over a distance. Add to that an effect where Link can turn into a painting and travel along the walls and you have a masterful retelling of a story you’d expect, after sixteen sequels, to be all-too-familiar.



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