Fun Audio Tech For Kids, Parents Under Lockdown

For my latest Global News Morning report Jenn and I have fun playing with the latest free audio games aimed at giving people under lockdown fun and I review the latest noise-cancelling earbuds.

Sennheiser Momentum 2 True Wireless Earbuds

I’ve tested a range of audio gear the past two decades and have gotten used to the good sound quality of most pricey gadgets, but the Momentum 2 earbuds are noticeably impressive. You can hear a lot of musical detail even at low volume. It helps that they have noise cancellation to support that fidelity and I like the option to be completely isolated from the world or to turn on Transparent Hearing so you can still hear the world around you if someone’s trying to get your attention, but the music remains prominent.

The earbuds twist into your ears counter-clockwise and with exchangeable pieces included it’s easy to get a comfortable fit. Because all earbuds can fall out if you’re moving about, I worry about losing them so appreciate that the elegant carrying case they come with have a magnetic storage system to keep them secure.

On top of all this, the case is a portable charger adding 21 hours to the already impressive 7 hours of the earbuds. Combine this with touch controls where you simply tap the sides of the earbuds to pause/play/skip tracks and the trick where they can detect when you’ve removed them so they can automatically pause or shut down, and the Momentum 2 combine all the top features of other earbuds on the market.

It’s strange then that the microphone is so bad. Arguably it’s the feature you’re least likely to use and it’s fine enough for virtual assistants like Siri and Google Assistant to understand you, but it sounds staticky and muddy on a call or as I was hoping to use them on our show, a web chat. I can give all the Momentun 2 features 5/5 scores except the microphone, a really odd, glaring omission. 

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