Metro Reviews – Arcadia, Super Mario Maker, Gourmet Fast

Here’s my Metro News reviews for the week of Sept. 6th

By Ian Pears

The stories of seven different characters play out in this interactive novel where points of intersection let you hop between them for curious tangents that avoid being mechanical or repetitive by being wildly entertaining journeys through different genres of folklore, fantasy, and science fiction.


Super Mario Maker
Nintendo Wii U
Rated: Everyone
You can turn a Nintendo game into a birthday message or even a marriage proposal with this powerful editor that lets you build your own nostalgic Mario games while playing the imaginative and sometimes rebelliously inappropriate creations of others. The sky’s the limit when you can add sounds and drawings.


Gourmet Fast
This collection of 30 minute meals covers a wide variety of tastes including vegetarian and cultural influences. All are presented with step-by-step guides, audio narration, shopping list, and helpful videos. Check out the crab omelette and cider-roasted chicken.


Today Steps

This smart pedometer measures your stride for better accuracy while choosing modes to focus on activity like walking up stairs. It tracks calories and distance while comparing your performance across three days.


Google Street View

It’s the best of Google Street View gathered in an app that also lets you record your own iPhone panoramas to be shared across Google Maps. It takes practice, but the results are fun.



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