Metro Reviews: Zombie, Felicia Day, Runner’s World

Here’s my Metro reviews for the week of Aug. 17th

Xbox One/PS4/PC
Rated: Mature 17+

Zombie games are as much about managing your fear as they are about survival, something Zombi speaks to with tools that let you detect the creatures of the night with radar and scan the gloom to know what’s worth searching. These are features originally made for the Wii U’s gamepad and here are simply as a visual mode where you hold down a button to scan. It’s simple and it works without taking anything away.

That you can use these tools along with barriers and weapons to form an effective strategy is a bit of an illusion. Zombi’s central gimmick is that when you die you join the zombies and return as a different person to fight your former self. The game is fixed to make sure this happens. You’ll find bullets are limited and the world oppressively dark and claustrophobic, even outside. Actions like picking a lock take too long by design and in later levels the game actually cheats and teleports zombies in behind you. You are meant to be overwhelmed. You are meant to lose. Some will find that a challenge, others will see it as frustrating.

Either way, the path ahead is always intriguing and full of alcoves to climb, swim, and explore. There’s new zombie types to keep you on your toes and explosives to change up your defense. It’s a very creative experience, y’know, if it weren’t for you always dying.


You’re Never Weird On The Internet (Almost)
By Felicia Day
With an adept hand at being both witty and silly, Felicia Day relates the unexpected turns she’s taken to have a career in web culture, something she insists you have to be an oddball for. It’s a weird autobiography, yes, but an insightful one too.


PopSugar Moms – Back To School Edition
This diverse recipe collection offers easy lunches, healthy snacks, and meals kids can help with. The slideshow lists are disappointing, even with great photos, but the video tutorials make up for them.


Runner’s World Go
Combining magazine articles with a GPS tracker that records distance, pace, and time, Go also taps into AccuWeather forecasts for the novel addition of workout clothing recommendations too.


This free collection of colouring books for adults offers illustrations of animals, florals, and famous paintings for you to zoom into and fill between the lines with simple taps. There’s an undo tool and options to share your works online.


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