Metro Reviews: Go Set A Watchman, Styx: Master of Shadows

Here’s my Metro reviews for the week of July 20th.

Go Set A Watchman
Best approached as an early, messy attempt by lee at exploring race issues better handled in Mockingbird, Watchman is distressing for its alternate take on Atticus, but notable for its journey of an older Scout facing hometown pressures to conform and the chance to revisit more childhood memories.


Styx: Master of Shadows
PC/PS4/Xbox One
Rated: Mature 17+
Wisecracking skullduggery is the joy of this stealth-action game where as a goblin wretch skulking the shadows you get to climb impressively large castles and lure sleepy guards to their doom. This is hardcore stealth where being unreasonably patient and moving with measured steps and carefully hiding every dispatched body under the crisscrossing gazes of guards is an almost meditative task.

A mix of acrobatics, mechanical traps, and supernatural cloning lets you use your wits to find different solutions through each tense situation. A little trial-and-error and you can usually find ways to climb above or under the path ahead. There are rat tunnels and ceiling beams and unlikely ledges to jump to.

For the most part, trick moves involving invisibility and light-extinguishing sand balls work really well. Spitting out clones helps scout out areas ahead as well as trigger remote switches, but it’s the basic moves, such as hanging from a ledge or performing an assassination from above that can be frustratingly counter-intuitive and likely to be the point where some players give up.

With its indie game visuals, Styx is likely to disappoint anyone looking for intense action, but for those who understand how rare hardcore stealth titles have become, it’s a devilish delight.


Kitchen Timer(s)
iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch
For Chefs who like to brew different teas or bake several dishes at a time, this multitasking app lets you keep six timers going at once, with notification alarms and an Apple Watch version included.

Ultimate Running Races
In this guide to the top 500 marathons around the world you’ll find beautiful photos, location maps, and key statistics for runs spanning different weather and trail conditions. Use it to track your own travels or to inspire you in your local runs.


Polamatic by Polaroid
Add some nostalgic magic to your phone’s camera with this official Polaroid app that “develops” your digital photos and then adds a white border for you to write messages on.


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