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Here’s my Metro News reviews for the week of June 18th

How To Build A Dinosaur
Jack Horner & James Gorman
From digging up Tyrannosaurus bones to the discovery of fossilized tissue, Palaeontologist and Jurassic Park consultant Jack Horner uses engaging humour to carry us through his remarkable journey of wanting to rewind the evolution of a chicken by triggering its genes to grow into a dinosaur instead.


The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited
PC/Xbox One/PS4
Rated: Mature 17+

It’s strange to see the intimate stories of Elder Scrolls opened up to Voice Chatting crowds where everyone lines up to have the same secret, dark alley rendezvous, but thankfully, those very quests will lead you across an expansive world to bigger challenges where the crowds are helpful to have around.

Even with players running around you, it feels like an offline adventure at first. The main storyline, in which you seek to regain your soul, is over 100 hours long and with a multitude of side quests and nooks and crannies to investigate you can play at a leisurely pace, crafting an experience that suits your needs.

It’s not until later that you can fight other players and uncover dungeons that can only be beaten in groups. There are guilds to join, but no systems to limit what items you use or direction you take your character. The menu systems can require a lot of digging to find special features and interactions with others is frustratingly limited to voice chat, but in time it’s easy to play with comfort.

Best of all, there’s no subscription fees and the in-game purchases are for cosmetic benefits only. There’s a great deal of freedom in where you can go and with all the eccentric characters and situations that the Elder Scrolls adventures are known for, it’s easy to say this is a world that will reward you for your time.


Walking With Dinosaurs: Inside Their World
Stephen Fry narrates this animated encyclopedia detailing sixty dinosaurs with impressive 3D visuals and roaring sound effects. Included is a guide to the history and practices of palaeontology and the dino hunters who have helped bring captivating dinosaur bones to life.


EWG’s Food Scores
Search your grocery choices with this app and the Environmental Working Group will guide you with a score from 1 to 10 based on nutrition info and processed ingredients. There’s lot’s of details and estimates to consider, some more useful than others.


Yoga 8
iPhone/Apple Watch
A simple guide for 8 minute workouts designed to be done anywhere, Yoga 8 includes a rudimentary voice guide, step-by-step instructions, and calorie burn meter. A Sun Salutation workout is included but additional programs require purchase.


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