Metro Reviews: Peter Pan, Hitman Sniper

Here’s my Metro News reviews for the week of June 8th

Peter Pan
J.M. Barrie
They designed all the signs, papers, and books used in the Harry Potter movies and now the artists at Minalima have reimagined Peter Pan with expressive illustrations that capture moments of poetry and maps, letters, and bottle labels that bring out curious details from a classic tale certainly worth reading again.


Hitman: Sniper
Rated: 17+
There are many ways to solve a situation through Agent 47’s scope, thankfully. You can simply monitor the movements of people, take a shot to trigger an alarm, or even shoot a fuse box to create an electrical trap. As much as the final headshot becomes the focus of all your tension, a gamble that if you miss sends everything into a chaos of failure, it’s actually all the little things leading up to it that make this latest Hitman game interesting.

It’s the way you can control your breathing to keep your hands from shaking, that an opportune bridge or Jacuzzi can help you hide a guard if your shots are timed right, and it’s the process where you learn which types of walls or windows can be shot through when your target walks out of view.

The luxurious parties, swelling, symphonic music, and the measured voice of a secret agent in your ear all support a slick James Bond feel, but missing is the brutality of your targets, something the Bond series never leaves out. The unarmed targets you kill have an unsettling normalcy to them, they look merely like rich people at a party, and so it’s only their dossiers that offer a justification to their swift end.


YP Dine Canada
This restaurant finder from Yellow Pages draws upon curated lists by Canadian food experts to help you find local places to eat tailored by your mood and tastes. That being said, it includes maps, hours, photos, and reviews, but no menus.


By supporting all major fitness trackers, Matchup lets you coordinate challenges amongst your friends regardless of what wearable fitness gadgets they use. A dashboard makes it easy to compare scores and if you’re on your own there public online challenges to try too.


Based on the popular site that takes silly questions about history, culture, and human behavior seriously, this daily feed includes videos, quizzes, posts, and podcasts to help you unwind or unthink with casual, quirky trivia while still picking up a useful thing or two.


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