Exploring Issues Of Rape Through VR, Managing Relationships With Wearables

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This week Kris Abel introduces What She Said’s Christine Bentley, Sharon Caddy, and Kate Wheeler to…

Film director Rose Troche who kicked off a new Oculus Rift Virtual Reality series called Perspective that will place viewers into the bodies of two people on either side of a contentious issue starting first with the re-enactment of a sexual assault at a college party and then a confrontation between a protestor and a police office.


Lauren McCarthy who, along with partner Kyle McDonald, are developing a smart watch-connected app that will use feedback from your body to identify trends amongst your relationships with others, hoping to let you identify those who have an unhealthy impact on you.


Dr. Carla Fisher, founder of No Crusts Interactive, who has released an endless runner game based on Jane Austen called Stride & Prejudice.



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