Metro Reviews: Patton Oswalt, New Nintendo 3DS, Shadowmatic

Here’s my Metro News reviews for the week of Jan. 19th

Silver Screen Fiend
By Patton Oswalt
Three Stars

For four years Patton compulsively watched art-house films, seeking guidance to his artistic ambitions. Now reflecting on his immaturity, he uses lists of movies both real and imagined along with calendars tied to much-loved indie theatres to question where his real career lessons came from. The result is a manic introspection that is often funny, but quite bewildering too.


Fast Exercise by Dr. Michael Mosley

With exercise, effort is more important than duration or repetition. These high intensity walking, running, and strength exercises will help improve your aerobic and metabolic fitness on a manageable schedule.


Great British Chefs – Alaskan Seafood

Between selections of salmon, halibut, king crab, and black cod, Britain’s best chefs are back with 60 free recipes, beautifully photographed and enhanced with timers, shopping lists, and wine recommendations.



In this tricky, but relaxing puzzle game you must turn abstract, 3D sculptures about until they cast the perfect, recognizable shadow. It’s a beautiful test of your spatial problem-solving skills.


New Nintendo 3DS XL
Ages 7+
4 Stars

Tweaked for a larger screen, Nintendo’s glasses-free 3D system needs even less adjustment while a new C stick controller makes it easier to both look and walk around in 3D worlds. There is a frustrating catch in the need for a tiny screwdriver to access its MicroSD card and the absence of an included AC adaptor (hopefully you already have one). The promise is that a faster processor and amiibo connectivity will lead to more console quality games, but for now only those with really older systems should make the upgrade.


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