Metro Reviews: Game of Thrones, Nintendo amiibo, Michelin Guide

Here’s my Metro News reviews for the week of Nov10th.

The World of Ice & Fire
By George R. R. Martin, Elio M. Garcia, & Linda Antonsson
Four Stars

Although it lacks the intimacy of the novels, this beautifully illustrated Game of Thrones history conveys just as many entertaining tales of incest, betrayal, and clever turnarounds. Through summarized stories and lines of lineage you get a sense of the extreme personalities involved along with satisfying revelations about Valyrian dragons, the children of the forest, and the Iron Throne itself.



Powered by an extensive nutrition database, this HealthKit-compatible diary will help you track calories consumed and burned while working toward your goals through helpful metrics, meal plans, and fitness records.


The Michelin Guide 2014

The presenter of much-coveted Michelin Stars, the annual Red Guide is now an exhaustive GPS-enabled travel directory for European restaurants, hotels, and culinary palaces. It’s an ideal reference for questing foodies.



Change your eye colour, fix your skin, or give yourself an animated face to match your movements. Looksery uses fun, selfie filters to enhance the way you appear in video.


Nintendo amiibo
Nintendo Wii U
Rated: Everyone
2 Stars

In trying to imitate the $2 billion success of the Skylander toy-connected games, Nintendo has converted their beloved characters into amiibo figures that can connect without a portal at a lower price and across several games you’re likely to already own. To parents this must surely be the better deal, but for fans the figures merely unlock and level up an alternate version of a character already in the game. Lose the toy and you’re not missing out. By following someone else’s lead, Nintendo seems to have misplaced the creativity their known for.


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