Metro Reviews: The Book Thief, Super Mario 3D World, John Lennon

Here’s my Metro New columns for the week of Dec. 2nd

The Book Thief: Enhanced Movie Edition

By Markus Zusak


Four Stars

Snatched during a life made arduous by Nazi rule, a girl uses stolen books to tell her tale. It’s an unflinching account, very coarse in detail, but surprising in its warmth. This special edition weaves clips from the film into its pages, without being intrusive, and has a rewarding Q & A with author Markus Zusak waiting at the end.





Nike+ FuelBand SE


3 ½ Stars


While you sleep, shower, and live your day, this comfortable wristband tracks your steps and calories burned. Stylish, glittering LED lights reveal the numbers before your smartphone turns them into metrics. It’s fun and well-made, but since it can’t map your runs or measure your pulse, very basic in use.



Great British Chefs Kids Christmas



Show your elves how to share through holiday cooking with these kid-friendly festive recipes curated by British Chefs that include gingerbread animals, risotto faces, turkey meatballs, and Christmas éclair trees.



John Lennon: The Bermuda Tapes



This virtual journey recreates John Lennon’s stormy Bermuda sailing trip, the one that inspired the album Double Fantasy. Interviews, demo tapes, and beautiful illustrations combine for a wonderful, intimate experience.



Super Mario 3D World

Wii U

Rated: Everyone

5 Stars

It’s more than a costume. When Mario slips into his Cat Suit, he’s a kitty from tail to mustache. It’s the way he sits with curiosity, bats his paws, and scampers after rabbits. This is the plumber’s most irresistible adventure, a mix of 3D castle puzzles, thrill rides, and hidden secrets. Some are revealed by blowing on your controller, others are found with friends. A creative mix of pneumatic tubes, haunted shadows, and dazzling visual effects that rival the glitter of a Vegas casino place this among the year’s best.


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