Metro Reviews: JJ Abrams’ S, Tiny Death Star, Knack

Here’s my Metro New columns for the week of Nov. 11th

.S (Ship of Theseus)
By J. J. Abrams & Doug Dorst

Three And A Half Stars
Hidden within this mysterious library book from J. J. Abrams (Lost) is a conversation made up of handwritten margin notes, doodles, clippings, and letters that have been added by the two readers before you. Obsessed with the book’s reclusive author and his story of a man with no past, their intimate debate gives a rather stark tale some lively intrigue.



Life In The Womb
This jaw-dropping simulation explores every stage of a pregnancy with insightful detail, doctor’s recommendations, and 3D animations capturing milestones like the growth of fingers, the opening of eyes, and smiling.


Star Wars: Tiny Death Star
Vader has rented out the Death Star to condos, cafes, and stores, making it your job to keep Imperial workers happy. A delightful game with adorable, retro graphics and sly humour.



PlayStation 4
Rated: Everyone 10+
3 and Half Stars
The first game for the new PlayStation 4, Knack is a hero who changes size as he absorbs rocks, crystals, and other materials around him. This keeps you on your toes, always adapting for when he’s nimble-yet-weak as a little guy, or capable of Godzilla-like rampages when he’s a giant. Crystals will make him stealthy, but ice will melt him in sunlight, and each transformation is a chance to show off the PS4’s vibrant, gleaming graphics. The family-friendly characters could use more charm, but the game is clever and rewarding.


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