Review: LEGO Art Portraits & Mario Kart Open Circuit

Health + iPhone Health Records – Free

Starting with three Canadian hospitals you can download your medical records into the iPhone’s Health app which then organizes them in with the health data generated by your fitness devices and apps. Allergies, conditions, immunizations, lab results, medications, procedures, and vitals can finally be kept in one place. 

Osirix HD – #13.49/month

Osirix Lite – Free

Although healthcare professionals have to pay a subscription, patients can use the Mac version of this app to view MRIs, CT, Ultrasound and PET scans for free. Today’s phones have bigger, higher resolution screens and when coupled with this app’s zoom and image contrast tools they make it worth collecting your scans from hospitals that offer them.

LEGO Art + Podcasts

Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe – $150

The Beatles – $150

These 3,000 piece paintings use candy-like LEGO discs and a paint-by-number-like system. Scanning a barcode plays a podcast featuring experts to match the subject, either The Beatles, Marilyn Monroe, Iron Man, or Star Wars. A fan-made app ( ) let’s you convert photos to make your own creations which is what I used to make portraits of host Liem Vu on Global News Morning and host Aaron Rand on CJAD.

Although The Beatles set features portraits of four caucasian men, because the images depicts them cast in shadow they actually contain a range of colour tones.

To test how well this supports a range of skin tones I did a third LEGO portrait using Othello Grey’s “Angaer”.

“Angaer” by Othello Grey

R/C Racing In Your Living Room

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit – $130

This remote-controlled car uses a camera to send live footage of your home to your television and then mixes in animated characters, explosions, and weather effects so you can race in your living room as if it it was a video game. Friends have to join in-person, not online, and must have their own car and Switch system.

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