Spider Expert Catherine Scott, Theranos, & #ElectronicHalloween

This week Kris Abel introduces What She Said’s Christine Bentley, Sharon Caddy, and Kate Wheeler to…


Entomologist and Twitter Spiderlebrity Catherine Scott joins us for Halloween to explain why you’re more likely to see spiders in your home and why you certainly shouldn’t be afraid of them.

If you do find a creature of concern you can tweet her a photo for identification at @Cataranea

And you should read her guide to Brown Recluse spiders, part of her helpful #NotABrownRecluse campaign.


Our favourite tech vampire, Elizabeth Holmes, is having a hard time this Halloween. Her blood test company Theranos was hit with a surprise FDA inspection that triggered the Wall Street Journal to do a series of investigations gathering concerns, anecdotes, and details from former employees and her retail partner Walgreens.

We discuss her recent sit down with the Journal in which she faced all the criticisms. Here’s the full video. Was she convincing?


Photo of Catherine Scott by Sean McCann


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