Holographic Chocolate, 3D-Printed Make-Up, And The Women Inventors Behind Them

This week Kris Abel introduces What She Said’s Christine Bentley, Sharon Caddy, and Kate Wheeler to…

Grace Choi is taking on the $55 Billion makeup industry with a personal 3D printer that can create customized makeup shades in seconds.

It uses FDA-approved materials from the same sources that all the big cosmetics companies use. The printer uses dyes to mix ANY colour you can send it from any digital source. Just sample a shade from any photo, website, or YouTube video and send it to print like a document. We’re talking lip stick, eyeshadow, creams, etc.

Choi is an inventor and founder of her own company, Mink, and plans to bring it to market as a home product for around $300.


Swiss physicist Veronica Savu is looking to add a new dimension to sweets with a form of holographic chocolate she’s invented.

Her chocolates have the same kind of rainbow-shimmering images we’re used to seeing on credit cards, but are completely edible and contain no additives. The effect is achieved by moulding the chocolate with a micro-textured surface that diffract light to create the image.

She’s formed her own company, Morphotonix, to bring the technology to market.

Edible chocolate photographs have been very popular for years and this is likely to be the next big step where you can expect to be able to purchase romantic sweets with glittering flowers or hearts, promotional chocolates with corporate logos, and my guess is shoppes that will use 3D cameras to take your own holographic photos as custom momentos.


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