Metro Reviews: Mom In The Movies, Child Of Light, Record Run

Here’s my Metro Canada News reviews for the week of May 5th.

Mom In the Movies
By Richard Corliss
Four Stars
Where have all the movie moms gone? This rich, engaging exploration mourns their recent fading from modern screens by reminding us of their past diversity as protectors and peacekeepers, martyrs and matriarchs, victims, and of course, scene-chewing villainesses. Large photo galleries and side essays from Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher, and Tippi Hendren help remind us all that we’re missing out.


My Incredible Body
This 3D atlas of the human body offers narrated fly-throughs and interactive activities that demonstrate how major body functions and senses work. An excellent resource for parents and curious kids.


Buy Me A Pie!
Intuitively create grocery shopping lists with this auto-complete system that colour-codes items by aisle and shares them with real time changes to your friends and family by email or text.


Record Run
You dodge, duck, and jump to the rhythms of your own music collection in this fun obstacle course game from the creators of Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Dance Central.


The Child Of Light
Xbox Live/PSN/Wii U/PC
Rated: Everyone 10+
4 Half Stars
Beautiful watercolor illustrations come alive in this Montreal-made role-playing game about a little girl who must gather quirky companions against the darkness of a fairytale land. The way people speak in prose, the way the skies feels alive, the way windmills keep secrets, all help to create a world that feels fresh and fun to explore. The battles play with time in an interesting way while the monsters are curious and intriguing. Beneath it all is the poignant, thoughtful theme of a girl dealing with her father marrying someone new.


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