Metro Reviews: Blend Spices, Yoshi’s New Island, F This Test, Angry Birds Epic

Here’s my Metro News Reviews for the week of Mar. 24th

F This Test

By Richard Benson


Three Stars

If you can’t give your teacher the right answer, at least make them laugh. This collection of High School howlers compiled by Summersdale Publishers (under the pseudonym Richard Benson) captures the feel of a school workbook with doodles, lined paper, and hand-written, wisecracking answers. Most are silly, some are hilarious, and there’s a few math equations that are downright clever.



Immunize Canada



With recent outbreaks of measles and whooping cough, it’s important to be vaccinated. This app describes the inoculations needed while alerting you to outbreaks and helping you keep a family record.






This introductory guide to creating your own spice blends includes sixteen international recipes and videos on how to dry, roast, and grind seeds for sauces, seasonings, desserts, and soup flavourings.



Angry Birds Epic



Available in Canada before the US, this entertaining sword & sorcery role-playing adventure sends the birds out to fight strategic battles against egg-stealing pigs using dramatic spells and magical weapons.



Yoshi’s New Island

Nintendo 3DS

Rated: Everyone

3 Stars

With a nursery motif and a kindergarten soundtrack, this latest Yoshi outing is likely to be too sickly sweet for fans used to a Nintendo capable of appealing to both young and old alike. Baby Mario is out to save Baby Luigi from aback a tribe of Yoshis through a cuddly-soft adventure so filled with the basics it should be called “My First Mario”. Giant, destructive eggs and vehicles you steer by physically tilting the DS offer some innovation, but not enough to keep the game fresh for experienced fans.


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