Metro Reviews – Captain America, South Park The Stick Of Truth, Happy Camping

Here’s my Metro Canada reviews for the week of March 17th.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

By Ed Brubaker

Marvel Unlimited iPhone/iPad/Android

Three Stars

A new concept for digital comics, adaptive audio is a music soundtrack that changes tempo to match your speed in turning pages. Added sound effects are triggered by panels and the result is that scenes with text build in anticipation while fights move with intensity. It’s your narrative, there’s no voices, so your imagination remains in control and it works.



Happy Camping



For your next outdoor adventure publisher Random House has assembled six useful tools; a compass, flashlight, level, strobe, and some fun sound effects to help embellish your spooky campfire stories.






This cuisine search engine will help you sift through online recipes by nutrition, season, diet, and cooking time. It notes the ones you keep and makes personal recommendations in response.



Wonder PL



Wonder offers sophisticated video picks from curators of art, science, cooking, and literature, amongst other topics rich in discussion or delightful in distraction, all explorable by your favourites or mood.



South Park: The Stick Of Truth

PS3/Xbox 360/PC

Rated: Mature 17+

5 Stars

It’s hard to keep the jokes going for two hours let alone twenty, but this mature-comedy adventure had me roaring from start to finish. Exceptional writing makes this epic role-playing game feel like a South Park movie, capturing the way kids re-enact their stories only to use that to break every adult taboo imaginable. Yes, there’s fart-based magic and underpants gnomes, but shockingly explicit material involving Nazi recordings and abortions too. The gameplay is an admirable mix of exploring, collecting, and mini-games, the best being an 8-bit adventure to Canada.


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