Victoria Day Special: Planet of the BBQ Apps

Welcome to my Planet of the Barbecue Apps Special. In honor of the Victoria Day weekend we decided to do a second show where I pick out some choice mobile cuts for your grill. My first set of reviews for today, with the latest releases, can be found here.  Enjoy and let both the flames and the good times rise.

Weber’s On The Grill



A comprehensive effort to cover all aspects of grilling, Weber’s uses more than 300 recipes to tackle all meats (beef, seafood, poultry, pork, and lamb), both grilled vegetables and fruit, appetizers and desserts, as well as rubs, marinades, and sauces. There are instructional videos, descriptions of technique, and a timer. It’s a well-made app that even lets you save ingredient lists from your selected recipe as a shopping list.


When the app was first released in 2009 there was little competition for it. Although it delivers great value, today’s it’s easier to find lower-price alternatives that can cover your needs with less.




A handy recipe collection for those who have already been grilling for awhile and simply need fresh ideas, Grill-It covers a wide array of meats, marinades, and sauces. Assembled by the editors of its advantage over other apps is how often it’s updated with new recipes.


Although it’s weak on expert tips, it makes up for it with creative suggestions like plank-grilled meatloaf or yogurt-marinated chicken.

Grilling From Dash



A collection of companion recipes for your BBQ bash, this attention-grabbing cookbook from the editors of Dash includes party salads, cocktails, dips, desserts, exotic burgers, and ice cream sandwiches. Short, but fun, it’s really well-presented with an interactive layout, beautiful photography, and background sound effects.


Omaha Steaks Steak Timer

iPhone/iPad/Android/Android Tablet


If you’re looking for just the basics, this promotional app from Omaha Steaks is useful for its How-To videos, cooking charts, grilling tips, and built-in timer that will keep track of multiple steaks and cook them by time or temperature.


Steak Grilling Timers & Recipes



Another promotional-but-useful app that covers the basics, this time from Kansa City Steaks. I’m including this one for its stand-out timer which has a virtual grill so you can actually organize the steaks you’re cooking visually, dragging-and-dropping them to match their real-world position on the grill. It also includes a handy colour code in the timer to help you know when to sear, flip, and adjust the heat.


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