Metro Reviews: Joni Mitchell, Professor Layton, Spicy Indian Recipes

Here’s my Metro News reviews for the week of Sept. 1st.

Joni Mitchell: In Her Own Words
By Malka Marom
Five Stars

A good conversation should have all the time it needs. This collection of audio and printed interviews between singers Marom and Mitchell has that comfort, allowing for Joni’s engaging candor to come through about her Saskatchewan childhood, working relationships, and personal contradictions. Presented with her poetry and paintings it shares the kind of closeness that fans have long craved for.




This app records your daily routines across running, eating, walking, and sleeping into a visual journal so you can make beneficial changes. Very useful, but it lowers battery life too.




Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Indian Recipes

This well-organized collection of Indian dishes offers thousands of recipes and videos, each with an allergy and calorie guide. Try making spicy Dal Makhani, Butter Masala, or yummy coconut Laddoos.




Hyperlapse from Instagram

Just point and record to share zany time lapse videos of your life and this app will take care of smoothing out and speeding up time for the best results.




Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright
Nintendo 3DS
Rated: Teen
4 Stars

Apparently transported to medieval times, Layton and Phoenix must use their skills to defend a woman accused of witchcraft. You’ll solve magic puzzles in one chapter and face an inquisition court in the next, with both franchises mixing together their styles and humour for an entertaining display of animated seething, weeping, pointing, and posturing. The puzzles are creative, if confusing at times, and the courtroom battles offer some neat twists, but I really like the subtle way the two heroes meet and try on each other’s roles. No objection here.


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