Extinction And Passenger Pigeons, IKEA LED Lighting, Stolen Celeb Photos

This week Kris Abel introduces What She Said’s Christine Bentley, Sharon Caddy, and Kate Wheeler to…

Annelie Sj√∂gren, director of photography at Ikea, has been overseeing the furniture company’s change between using traditional photography in their catalogues to computer-generated images. At this point 75% of their company’s retail images are completely made from scratch on a computer without any physical models or prototypes to draw upon.


Martha, last of the Passenger Pigeons. This week I explain how a change in technology contributed to her species demise and how the Royal Ontario Museum, home to the largest collection of specimens in the world, is working with DNA research groups to explore the idea of bringing the Passenger Pigeon back.

The Empty Skies Exhibit will be on display until September 2015.



Anita Sarkeesian is the host of a fantastic online video series exploring the way women are depicted within the trope-heavy world of video games. Unfortunately we’re disucssing her because she’s been criminally bullied by online trolls, forcing her to leave her home at one point. That women who discuss science and technology receive such abuse (while men like myself do not) is the issue being brought to Kate, Sharon, and Christine’s attention this week.


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