Metro Reviews: Ether One, Ask The Past, Expo Milano

Here’s my Metro News reviews for the week of May 11th

Ether One
Rated: Everyone

Using puzzles to simulate the bewildering state of Alzheimer’s is an inspired touch. This Myst-like adventure has you exploring the fragmented memories of a woman named Jean, her mind presented as a picturesque village, and there’s an intriguing uncertainty about the clues you’ll need to overcome in order to mend them.

It’s a beautiful, relaxing world filled with quaint scenes of tire swings, wind-filled trees, and boat races along gentle creeks. The game’s creators have all experienced Dementia amongst family or friends and so know how to craft situations that can seem a mystery to solve. Most of the items you’ll find have no purpose and can only be used one at time, so figuring out which is needed can be perplexing. The voices meant to guide you often contradict each other so you’re not always certain who to trust.

Fortunately, if you’d rather explore the town over solving puzzles you can skip the challenges and simply collect memories to finish the game. With a bit of patience and understanding, you’ll find the complexity of the challenges and their story told through their solutions very rewarding. This is a game where it really is worth being methodical and taking things slow.


Ask The Past
Elizabeth P. Archibald

Based on the popular blog, this collection of amusing remedies and ridiculous how to tips from the middle ages covers bed bugs, cat tricks, dancing mishaps, polite seduction and techniques for farting. Can a cat’s behind predict the weather? Is salad oil wine a hangover cure? Each is a funny failure.


Festival de Cannes – Official

Starting May 13th you can follow along for 12 days as the festival updates this app with trailers, interviews, and video coverage of red carpet ceremonies and gala events. You’ll find profiles of the jury as well as archived content for past years, a wealth of imagery to explore.


SuperStretch Yoga HD

These yoga video lessons for kids presents the basic moves as animated animals with monkeys, eagles, elephants, and dogs explaining the use of stretching, breathing, and relaxation. Nothing demanding here, it’s mainly the importance of being active made fun.


WorldRecipes by Expo Milano 2015
93 countries are included in this recipe collection drawn from this year’s Expo Milano where you’ll find meals of all difficulties representing curry, cereals, preserves, and exotic delicacies spanning South African Koeksisters, Haitian Fritters, and Korean Kimchi Pancakes.


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