Metro Reviews: Superhero Workout, Diablo III, Swing Copters

Here’s my Metro News reviews for the week of Aug. 25th

Life On Earth
By E. O. Wilson
Five Stars

This free text book series is exquisite. It brings to life a high school biology course from a prominent teacher using animated, talking diagrams, demonstration videos, and interactive experiments. It’s one thing to clearly explain the chemistry of life, another to see it in action. Wilson’s fascinating examples and gorgeous photography are deeply rewarding even if you’ve long left school.




Superhero Workout

This story-driven fitness adventure uses your camera to track your movements, adding cool sound effects in your battle against an alien invasion with push-ups, ski jumps, and upper-cuts.




Paprika Recipe Manager

The best tool for clipping web recipes and digitizing your personal cookbook, this kitchen organizer includes smart grocery lists, multiple timers, a pantry tracker, and a meal planner. Very helpful.




Swing Copters

Insipid to some, addictive to many, Dong Nguyen’s follow-up to Flappy Bird has you tapping to guide a propeller-hatted fellow through an impossibly difficult series of banging hammers for medal rewards.




Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition
Xbox 360/PS3/Xbox One/PS4
Rated: Mature 17+
4 Stars

There have been many versions of Diablo III, but this console edition is by far the most comfortable. The controls are easy and there’s a constant flow of magic items you can share with a buddy playing next to you on a couch. The dungeons are atmospheric, the monster effects hypnotic, and the inhabitants tell interesting stories. Its hypnotic hack-and-slash, the type many unwind to after work, and it plays differently between heroes. While the Witch Doctor may be an unlikely choice, for my money it’s the most entertaining one.


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