Metro Reviews: Circa 1948, Mario Golf Tour, Joy Of Cooking, BitGym

Here’s my Metro News Canada reviews for the week of May 12th.

Circa 1948
By Stan Douglas & The NFB
Three Stars
Like a ghost in the past drawn to the voices of the living, this exploration of post-war Vancouver offers 44 historically-researched eavesdropping tales of immigrants, newlyweds, war vets, and politicians discussing anxieties and corruptions similar to today. Although glitchy at times, the vintage music and the way you can snoop through people’s belongings help make the time travel feel atmospheric.


Tour Northern Italy, Chile, and the Californian coast in this add-on for treadmills and cardio machines that matches your speed to real-world video backgrounds complete with audio and pop-up facts.


Joy Of Cooking
An essential kitchen reference with thousands of truly diverse recipes enhanced with voice controls, shopping lists, custom menus, timers, and many guides on techniques, nutrition, storage, and preserves. Highly recommended.


8 Tracks
Making it easier to find free streaming music mixes you’ll want to hear, this newly updated playlist service now has a trending timeline, sleep timer, and more accurate recommendation features.


Mario Golf World Tour
Nintendo 3DS
Rated: Everyone
4 Stars
If you love golf simulations that let you calculate trajectories and finesse each shot, you’ll be pleased with the complexity of Mario Golf even amongst its playful underwater courses, greens made of yarn, and rocket-powered balls. There’s plenty of fun modes and goofy prizes for casual players while serious golfers disappointed by the shortness of the campaign will be pleased with the superb way you can create online tournaments. I only wish you could play with a friend by simply passing the system back-and-forth. Otherwise, it’s a rewarding solo sport.


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