Bay Bloor Radio’s Danu & Izabela, Nanoleaf Bulbs, & Vinyl DJs

Danu Mandelshon and Izabela Miziala of Bay Bloor Radio joined us this week for a #TurntableTues special. Danu’s family has maintained their Hi-Fi studio store in Canada for three generations, going back to 1946! He speaks about how vinyl has changed over the years as it enjoys a welcome resurgence.

Izabela Miziala shares what’s involved in getting your vintage system repaired and maintained while sharing the stories she’s seen of families passing down their love of vinyl between generations.

Moving from Indiegogo to retail, Canadian tech company Nanoleaf is launching their Smarter Home Kit at Best Buy and through Amazon. We offer our review of the connected LED Bulbs that can be controlled through Wi-Fi using an app.

Another crowdfunding tale with a happy ending comes from Wenqing Yan and Victoria Hu, two techwomen in Berkeley, California. After their company Axent Wear raised $3.4 million for their Cat Ear Headphones, the novelty audio accessories have been picked up and are being launched through Brookstone.

To help you explore the world of vinyl, here’s our favourite DJs:

Sheila B. is a Brooklyn-based vinyl collector specializing in 60’s girl-pop. She hosts Sophisticated Boom Boom on WFMU

DJ FeelGoodSmalls is a popular Toronto DJ still devoted to spinning vinyl specializing in upbeat music and indie dance.…_536426523079089

Colleen “Cosmo” Murray is a well-known vintage collector in the UK who hosts Classic Album Sundays across a number of networks and produces documentaries for BBC 6 Music.

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