Prof Molly Shoichet, See Jane Drill, & Levitating Cakes

Winner of the prestigious Fleming Medal, Prof. Molly Shoichet is our live guest this week.

She holds Canada’s Research Chair in tissue engineering and is responsible for a breakthrough polymer that potentially could help deliver drugs, stem cells, and scaffolds into the hardest parts of the body to reach, repairing and potentially even reversing areas of blindness, stroke, and spinal cord injuries.

Earlier this year she was honoured as one of five international laureates by the L’Oreal-UNESCO Women In Science awards.

She is also the founder of Research 2 Reality, an organization that produces online videos to help make scientific research understandable and accessible to the public.

Another site we recommend is created by Leah Bolden and Karen DeNarvaro. If you’re a beginner DIY looking to try your own carpentry, plumbing, or electrical projects at home, Leah’s video tutorials, articles, and tool guides are a must. They publish new lessons every Thursday.



Christine Jenson of Peboryon Bakery has us baffled after she debuted a spinning, levitating cake at the Cake Internal Show in Cornwall, UK. How did she do it? She won’t say and rather humourously tells people it’s her Yoda cake using “the force”. What’s your theory?


And our recommended app this week is Leonardo’s Cat for iPhone/iPad starring Patrick Stewart.

Photo by Roberta Baker.

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