Metro Reviews: David Cronenberg, Hyrule Warriors, The Kubrick Exhibition

Here’s my Metro News reviews for the week of Sept. 29th.

By David Cronenberg
Four Stars

A strange, unsettling tale of sex, cannibalism, and consumer technology, Cronenberg again explores the unthinkable, this time through a pair of journalists drawn to dangerous, audacious body crimes like moths to a flame. They document their liaisons with an obsessive use of cameras, phones, tablets, and voice recorders, adding brand loyalty to a swirling mania of manipulation, betrayal, and compulsion.


Pocket Yoga

Using voice instructions and appealing illustrations that combine breathing exercises with poses, this mobile course offers custom difficulties and durations along with a pocket dictionary to explain Yoga’s benefits.


Zest Recipe Manager

Zest takes the recipes you’ve clipped online and formats them into handy cooking instructions, adding a timer, a place to record notes, and tags that make them easier to organize.



This companion to the upcoming Bell Light Box exhibit offers rare photos, interviews, and a timeline of Stanley Kubrick’s career, spanning his most celebrated films and one lost masterpiece, Napoleon.


Hyrule Warriors
Nintendo Wii U
Rated: Teen
3 Stars

Sprawling armies face each other like clashing oceans in this game, where as a hero from the Zelda series you are the tide, sending out waves of attack that set monsters tumbling head over claws. It’s a cool effect repeated to button-mashing ad nauseam, with just enough strategy and upgrades to keep it going. It’s unusually fully-breasted, but then this is a mash-up between Tecmo, who are known for such things, and Nintendo, who most certainly aren’t. Fans have wanted an older, more teenage Link, but not quite like this.


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