Hear My Chat With Bill Nye On CJAD

Update: An extended version of my Bill Nye chat for CJAD is now available online.

This Thursday on my weekly tech report on CJAD 800 AM Montreal, we’ll be playing my chat with Bill Nye, a.k.a. The Science Guy, which I recorded while were surrounded by kids at the Nintendo Labo launch here in Toronto.

Inspired by the Maker Movement, Nintendo’s Labo kits include cardboard sheets that can be folded into shapes that, when slipped over the controls of the Nintendo Switch video game system, come alive with electronics to work as R/C cars, pianos, fishing rods, and even a robot costume. I asked Bill about the need to combine hands-on learning activities with our digital world, how teachers might use the kits in the classroom, and how they can help promote critical thunking when many parents today are becoming distracted by conspiracy theories and online campaigns of misinformation. Tune 6:30pm on CJAD.

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