Three Beautiful, Artistic, Experimental Video Games You Must Play

Where the debate on the artistic status of video games rages on, you’re sure to find mention of a little game studio simply called ThatGameCompany. Give their first two games a try, Fl0w and Flower, and you’ll find experiences so conceptual and original in thought, so expressive in mood and motion, that you’ll be troubled to think of it as anything but contemporary art. This week is the release of their third, more ambitious, game called Journey and as March Break tends to always bring interesting titles for download, I thought I’d explore the more artistic ones for this week’s Gearing Up on Studio 12.

Here’s the games mentioned:

PlayStation Network – $9.99
iPad – $4.99

PlayStation Network

The Dark Meadow
(although previously sold for iPad at $5.99, the game is being re-released this week for free, so wait for the change).

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