Tattoo Collector & Expert Louise Schiffmacher

A world renown tattoo collector and expert, Louise and her husband Henk are the proprietors of the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum and the famous Schifmmaker & Veldhoen Tattooing Studio.

They are leading experts on the history of tattoos and their cultural use around the world and have given tattoos to Kurt Cobain, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pearl Jam, Motorhead, as well as the relatives of the missing Malaysian Airlines passengers to honour their loved ones’ memory.

They are in-town to lend their expertise for the launch of Tattoos: Ritual, Identity, Obsession, Art, an exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum which spans the history and technology of tattoos from ancient chisels and needles in Asia, to machines made by Thomas Edison, to the latest Ultra Violet ink.…on#/gallery/recent

We also discuss Beatie Wolfe’s music jacket, made in collaboration with Savile Row tailor David Masson (a.k.a Mr. Fish) and pattern-maker Nadia-Anne (a.k.a Beatwoven)

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