Tech Fashion Designer Kathryn Blair On

She creates clothes that shape-shift, illuminate, and change to match your mood, temperature, and popularity on social media. Tech fashion designer Kathryn Blair joins us from Calgary to discuss her runway designs with, the influential Calgary-based show that has set the stage for wearables in New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Las Vegas, Rome, and Shenzhen, China.

Their upcoming launch gala kicks off in Calgary April 2nd and you can grab tickets online at:…kets-20446901232

We also hear from some of the women involved in the discovery of gravitational waves and play the “chirp” that represents the first event recorded with them, the collision of two black holes.

And we cheer on pirate/hacktivist Alexandra Elbakyan who’s elegant Sci-Hub has made available 48 million research papers for free in protest to the monopolies of publishers like Elsevier, leading to a US injunction and a massive law suite being placed against her. Hopefully, her location in Russia will keep the “Robin Hood of science” out of arm’s reach.

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