Metro Reviews: Charlie Martz, Her Story

Here’s my Metro News reviews for the week of June 29th

Charlie Martz and Other Stories
Elmore Leonard
It’s fitting that Leonard’s last book contains his earliest writings, short stories excitedly written when he was setting out to be an author. Between pulpy tales of cowboys and observant slices of awkward lives, his enthusiasm in experimenting with language and the way people scope out each other is captivating.


Her Story
Rated: 17+

Hannah Smith’s (Viva Seifert) case is a confusing one. She’s been interviewed by the police about her husband’s disappearance seven times. Your task is to search through her transcripted footage by keywords, researching inconstancies and finding unexpected connections.

Seifert plays the role well, saying one thing while betraying something else with a look or a smile. At times Hannah seems emotionally distracted, detached from her reality even, and yet at other times can be pleadingly honest.

A good murder-mystery should set off warning bells in your head as it unfolds. Her Story uses this to guide your investigation. When Hannah speaks about her husband’s watch and it doesn’t sit right, for example, you can then do a search for the word “watch” and access every interview clip where she mentions it again. This allows you to direct the investigation using your instincts and that’s powerful.

Written by Sam Barlow (Silent Hill Shattered Memories) Her Story is a mystery wrapped within a mystery. It sits you in front of a creaky, 90’s computer system without explanation and lets you figure things out on your own, allowing it to slowly piece together a much larger revelation than you might expect. It’s a fresh, engrossing puzzle that I only wish could play out over weeks instead of days.


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