Metro Reviews: The Book of Negroes, The Princess Bride, Captain Toad

Here’s my Metro News reviews for the week of Jan. 11th

The Book Of Negroes
By Lawrence Hill
Five Stars

Society at its worst will bend a person to its most base needs. Hill’s historical drama captures with astonishing insight the way this happens from one stage of life to the next. Now a CBC mini-series, this enhanced account of a woman in slavery includes interviews, essays, and the research materials you’ll be seeking when you reach it’s poignant, epic conclusion.



YOU with Jamie Oliver

This motivational app from Chef Jamie Oliver encourages you to make small life changes by trying new foods, activities, and fitness goals while sharing photos of your results with others.


Appetites’ Easy As Pie

Ideal for beginners, this step-by-step video instruction series featuring Evan Kleiman will take you through the making of 20 tasty pies, from different crusts to a variety of complimentary toppings.


The Princess Bride

Inconceivable, yet this fun collection of mini-games does involve sword-fights, shrieking eels, miracle pills, and the cliffs of insanity with a playful mix of audio from the much-loved movie classic.


Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
Nintendo Wii U
Rated: Everyone
4 Stars

If you’re brave, a little can achieve a lot. Toad may be small, slow-moving, and unable to jump, but give his 3D world a spin and you can help him slip past traps and bad guys using secret paths only viewable from the right angle. Solving these spatial puzzles is a refreshing change from Nintendo’s usual focus on timed obstacles and while the architectural spaces are simple, they’re full of fun surprises involving mine carts, vegetable cannons, and underwater landscapes. Punctuated by Toad’s undaunted cheers, it really is a delight.


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