Metro Reviews: Neil Patrick Harris, Alien Isolation, And South Park Pinball

Here’s my Metro News reviews for the week of Oct. 20th

Choose Your Own Autobiography
By Neil Patrick Harris
Four Stars

By recounting his life as a game book filled with multiple paths and endings, NPH takes you for a roaringly funny time through cocktail recipes, boyfriend scribbles, geeky magic tricks, and celebrity interruptions. The intimate details are still there, just playfully told with keen perception and creativity. He’s having fun with what a book can do, but for your entertainment.


Breast Cancer: Beyond The Shock

This comprehensive and comforting video guide will give you a helpful understanding into the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer. It’s a great resource for both patients and family.


50 Easiest Ever Italian Recipes

From one-pots and easy pizzas to show-off desserts and relaxed meals for friends, this collection of fifty step-by-step Italian recipes focuses on common ingredients, quick prep, and wine matching tips.


South Park: Pinball

Packed with characters, quotes, and gags from the popular series, these two realistic pinball tables include multiball modes, mini-playfields, and outlandish animated skits featuring ManBearPig, Mr. Hankey, and Professor Chaos.


Alien: Isolation
Xbox 360/PS3/Xbox One/PS4
Rating: Mature 17+
Five Stars

There’s no fighting in Alien: Isolation. You survive by steeling yourself against the silence of the ship, against the unnerving sounds of its vents and computers, and against the terrifying knowledge that you’re being hunted by a nightmare in the walls. The tension is right out of Ridley’s film and it will send you hiding into a locker with a motion tracker, holding your breath on a scream. You need to overcome unhelpful people and frustrating androids, craft tools and weapons, but mainly avoid panicking which is wonderfully hard to do.


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