Making The Breast Pump Not Suck and Miss Georgia’s 3D Printed Shoes

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This week Kris Abel introduces What She Said’s Christine Bentley, Sharon Caddy, and Kate Wheeler to…

Maggie Bridges hails from Georgia Tech University and wanted to show off some geek pride during last weekend’s Miss America Pageant so she recruited her fellow students to design a pair of $400 3D Printed shoes.


Industrial Design Majors Erin Sonee, Jordan Thomas, and Julia Brooks came up with a pair shaped like the engineering school’s mascot, a 1930 Ford Model A Sport coupe known as Ramblin’ Wreck.


This pat weekend MIT gathered a collection of hackers, designers, and medical experts to try and invent a better breast pump.

Although the benefits of breastfeeding are significant, many women find it difficult to do so, especially low-income working Moms. Current breast pumps are loud, inconvenient, and perform poorly.

So 150 men and women attended the Make The Breast Pump Not Suck Hackathon. We’ll summarize the winning ideas on the show.

Photo by Mason Marino


We’re also very happy that Calgary-based student Hayley Todesco won her age category at the Google Science Fair while being pleasantly surprised that three girls from Ireland took the grand prize.

Ciara Judge, Émer Hickey, and Sophie Healy-Thow, all sixteen years of age, won for identifying a bacteria that can take the place of fertilizer to increase the yield of some crops by as much as 74%!

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