Metro Reviews: ROM Stories, Family Guy, Easter Breakfast

Here’s my Metro News reviews for the week of April 14th.

Every Object Has A Story

By The Royal Ontario Museum


Three Stars

Here we have twenty-one museum artifacts artistically interpreted through creative photography and an anthology of short stories by notable authors including Charlotte Gray, Wayson Choy, and Robert Bateman. Although entertaining, somehow the objects themselves have become obscured by the process and it’s hard to know what you’re looking at. What’s missing is the interactive intimacy that an eBook should deliver.



Spitfire Athlete



A strength training program for women is a great idea, but this one merely plans your exercises while borrowing videos found on YouTube to offer the needed instructions. Too bad.


Dash Breakfast



Offering 30 spring recipes to start the day off right and 6 cheery Easter crafts, this animated magazine includes apple-peanut butter French toast, microwave coffee cup scrambles, and waffle sandwiches.






An entertaining mix of online videos that’s sorted to match your mood, taste, and time of day, 5by’s endless selection of distractions will help you unwind and chase away boredom.



Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff


Rated: Mature 17+

3 Stars

Taking the formula used by The Simpsons game and directing it towards an adult audience, The Quest For Stuff has you recreating Quahog through simple, tap-directed tasks. Each task has a time delay you’ll have to pay to dismiss, so this free game is actually quite expensive. The payoff is in seeing characters recreate crude moments from the show in full animation and audio. Quagmire gets his cock (a bird) stuck in a bottle while Bonnie twerks a stripper pole. Nothing is off-limits, so watch your kids and your money.


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