Metro Reviews: Wild Canada, Year In Focus, Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare

Here’s my Metro Canada reviews for the week of March 3rd

Year In Focus 2013

By Getty Images


Three And A Half Stars

Proof that a digital book can hold more photos than paper, this retrospective from Getty Images is a wealth of zoomable slideshows and interactive panoramas that place you at sporting events, concerts, and red carpet galas. Video reports revisit the year’s scandals and conflicts while archives and obituaries travel through lives of influence. Somehow, every page preserves an extraordinary second.



Adrian Peterson Driven



While Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson doesn’t work-out alongside you in this four week training course, he does use video effectively to demonstrate exercises for building up speed and strength.






This Dietitians of Canada app recommends meals based on your mood and time of day. Recipe selection is pretty creative and high on nutritional details, but surprisingly light on instruction.



Wild Canada



This impressive companion to the new CBC TV series is an atmospheric journey through our country’s wildlife, landscape, and people using interactive binoculars, bird flights, HD video clips, and infographics.



Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

Xbox One/Xbox 360

Rated: Everyone 10+

2 1/2 Stars

This game won’t play without an Xbox Live subscription and will restrict you to playing just with friends online, not on your couch. These are frustrating demands for an otherwise fun time. You run and shoot, either together to protect a garden or against each other in teams. The fun is in unlocking zany upgrades such as jet packs, drones, and disco zombies. Things really do become “craaazy” while somehow remaining balanced. That’s until EA’s servers drop your session, turning what should be a fantastic experience into a problematic one.


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