Metro Reviews – Cabinet of Curiosities, Dead Rising, Dog Biscuits

Here’s my Metro News Reviews for the week of January 6th

Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

By Guillermo Del Toro & Marc Zicree


Four Stars

While making movies Guillermo Del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth, Pacific Rim) keeps imaginatively illustrated journals. Select pages are used here for a deep and fascinating discussion into his influences and obsessions with contributions by James Cameron, Tom Cruise, and Alfonso Cuarón. Thankfully as an eBook you can double-tap and zoom into the journals to explore their worlds in wonderfully intimate detail.



Ski Tracks



Discover your speed and altitude on the slopes with this ski and snowboarding tracker that records your runs across detailed maps and graphs. Battery-friendly and accurate, it’s rewarding and insightful.



The Biscuit Baker



Complement your dog’s diet with some homemade treats. These twenty-five recipes offer up biscuits flavoured with beef stew, chicken pie, and apple bacon. Check with your vet before you bake.





Scan your personal music library using this database of samples, cover tunes, and remixes to discover revealing and surprising connections between many songs. Then play-and-compare them to blow your mind.


Dead Rising 3

Xbox One

Rated: Mature 17+

Three Stars

Rockabilly car mechanic Nick Ramos’ solution to the zombie apocalypse is to grab household objects and vehicles and combine them to make ridiculously awesome weapons. With a mix of chainsaws, parasols, game consoles, and motorcycle engines he can build mechanical gloves, talking battle axes, and a dragon suit that lets him “fly” through the undead. Everyone left alive is entertainingly crazy, which makes rescuing them fun, but some serious glitches, counter-intuitive controls, and a confusing map means you’re often fighting the game’s technical ambitions instead of the surrounding zombie hordes.


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