Metro Reviews – Steampunk Holmes, Web MD, Republique, Forza 5

Here’s my Metro Reviews for the week of December 23rd.

Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus

By P.C. Martin


Four And A Half Stars

With remarkable devotion to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories, this alternate Steampunk adventure manages to give Sherlock a Victorian motorbike and Watson a prosthetic arm-cannon without trading away the deductive nature of a proper Holmes mystery. Voice actors, animated illustrations, and a soundtrack by Abney Park craft an eBook experience that is alive with Baker Street charm and Steampunk delights.





Despite a new Lifestyle update that adds a confusing mix of make-up, health, and market insurance articles, this reference is still very handy for looking up symptoms, conditions, and medication.






Held captive against her will, a woman reaches out to your phone for help. By controlling surveillance cameras and security systems you can help her survive this gripping, episodic thriller.



Forza Motorsport 5

Xbox One

Rated Everyone

4 stars

For the first time in a racing game the computer drives the other cars like competitive jerks, sometimes trying to force you off the road or cause an accident. That’s because Forza Motorsport 5 records the way you and other players around the world drive and adopts it as its own programming. It’s a touch of realism, but also the kind of multiplayer behavior some prefer to avoid. A better improvement is the ease with which you can unlock cars and find a favourite before you dive into the upgrades.



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